Why Relion?

Medarbejder app til vagtplan, timesedler og vagtbytte

Reduce stress

It’s difficult to manage people.

For managers, more staff also means more administrative work. You easily lose precious time and before you know it, you run around just to see your company’s development going nowhere, which is hardly why you started a business.

That’s why we created Relion, your assistant for staff management.

Relion improves the way you run your business. It sets you free from tedious administrative work and gives you the time and freedom to do exactly what you love.

With Relion, it’s time to do business again.

Timeseddel og lønoverblik

Say goodbye to headaches and spreadsheets.

Relion replaces Excel sheets, paperwork, and complicated systems.

“Simple” is the word our customers use over and over again to describe Relion. Our easy-to-use software makes it nice and simple to create schedules in minutes and register the correct timesheet for each employee as well. All in one place, completely optimized.

With Relion, the manager knows exactly when everyone can work, who is at currently at work and how long they have worked.

Timeseddel og lønoverblik
Relion app

Created for joint success.

Relion makes the difficult simple and saves you time and money.

Making shift plans, collecting everyone’s availability, handling shifts and tracking working hours can quickly swallow a day’s work and also induce a lot of stress.

With Relion, the tricky becomes simple and it only takes a fraction of your time. What can be automated has been automated and because your employees have access to everything needed through their own app, everyone is on the same page.


Relion helps me organize employees and schedules with ease.

Maria Theressa Olsen

Maria Theressa Olsen
Manager @ BRYG Coffee House ApS

Start today

You’ll be in good company

Successful companies rely on us because they know that good customer experiences start with good human resources management.

With Relion, you are not only buying software, you also find a way to love employee management.


Probably the most user-friendly scheduling system we’ve tried.

Bastian Jørgensen Fysio Bootcamp om Relion vagtplan

Bastian Jørgensen
Partner @ Fysio Bootcamp ApS


As manager of two companies, it has been easy to handle the schedules.

Vince Skaarup Nielsen er vagtplanlægger hos Bar Plata

Vince Skaarup Nielsen
Manager @ Bar Plata ApS


Really great scheduling software. It saves me many hours of work every week.

Bar de Ville

Mogens Hoff Bock
Manager @ Bar de Ville


We have tried a number of different apps, but Relion is clearly our favorite!

Camilla Jensen, Divas Cheerleaders

Camilla Jensen
Chairman @ Divas Cheerleaders


Really an easy and manageable roster system.

Alexander Baden Vaffelbaronerne

Alexander Badem
Manager @ Vaffelbaronerne ApS


Relion removes all concerns about employee scheduling.

Mikael Steffensen - Byens Bagel

Mikael Steffensen
Manager @ Byens Bagel ApS


The app really takes into account the needs of our employees.

Simon fra vin & petanque

Simon Langli
Partner @ Vin & Petanque ApS


I spend a maximum of 10 minutes making a shift plan.

Butikschef Torben Andersen fortæller om hans vagtplan fra relion

Torben Andersen
Manager @ Letkøb ApS

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