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Employee time tracking software.

Relion ensure you the perfect time registration, from start to finish, every time. Get started with free tools and upgrade as you grow.

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The best way to waste time is to count the hours.

Everything we do is designed to make your workday easier and more efficient. With our online scheduling and time tracking software you are finally getting a comprehensive solution that helps you make the most of your time and money.

Løn integrationer i Relion

Easily integrate with your preferred payroll system.

With just a few clicks, you can connect Relion with payroll systems and send data with just a single click.

Pay the right salary the right way.

Send approved hours to your payroll system with just the click of a button. It does not require any downloads or uploads. It’s just powerful integrations as they should be.

Relion lønsystem oversigt

Set the hourly wages on your employees

Get the right data by setting how much each employee earns per hour. PS. They can’t see each other’s wages.

Get an overview of your real-time payroll costs.

Just put the calculator away. Relion automatically updates all changes in shifts and timesheets in real time, so you always have an overview of your total pay spend.

Løntillæg til vagtplan

Create payroll supplements with ease.

Create flexible pay ratios with payroll supplements. Decide for yourself how the pay rate should behave according to days of the week, anniversaries and not least time of day.

Add unpaid breaks to your time tracking.

Deducting breaks from your time tracking steals a lot of time. With Relion Pro, you can easily set rules for unpaid breaks that are automatically deducted from the timesheets.

Relions vagtplan på mobil med oversigt over ledige vagter og vagtbytte

Give employees an overview of their hours.

Motivate your employees and create a more transparent workplace by giving everyone an overview of their own hours and pay.

Easily get rid of available shifts.

Tired of vacant shifts? Relion makes it quicker than ever to get rid of available shift by visualizing how much employees earn from taking them.

Like payday. Every day.

Whether you use pay supplements, breaks or punch clock for time tracking, Relion has the solution that matches your needs.

Skabeloner kalender ur, tid
Set your pay period.

Get a quick overview of your payroll expenses during the current pay period.

Stempelur til medarbejdere
Register meeting times with punch clock.

Save money by avoiding paying when employees meet late for work.

Kalendersynkronisering i medarbejder app
Approve or reject working hours.

Approve changes in shifts and meeting times from the punch clock before you make your salary.

Download CSV til excel
Help your accountant.

Download a CSV file with an overview of all employees, their shifts and hours.

Here’s how to get started.

We are ready to help your company – even after dawn. See here how to easily get started with Relion.

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1. Sign up for free

Just fill in our simple sign up form and you will be guided immediately through the different functions of the system.


2. Create you online schedule.

Set up your company’s unique structure. This is done by creating roles, departments and templates for the shift schedule.

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3. Invite your employees.

Easily invite your employees, assign them their roles and departments, and then paste them into your schedule template.

Online scheduling starts here.

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Time tracking made easy.

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