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Punch clock or registration of hours?

As an employer, what should you be aware of when working with hourly registration for your employees? It may be smart to use a punch clock. It is rare for your employees to come and go exactly at the predetermined time.

Here, the classic time registration can be problematic. By using a punch clock, the time registration becomes more accurate, as you get the exact start and end time.

The same applies when they complete their shift and checks out again.
Similarly, employees can request changes in previous shifts (also with a comment) where the manager can also approve it.

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All use of the punch clock must be approved in Relion.

This way, you can make sure that you always know who has worked too little or too long. Your employees easily and independently record when their shift begins and ends.

At the same time, they can comment with a reason if, for example, they have come in late or have worked over the scheduled time.

Here’s an example:

Scheduled meeting time: 16:00 – 20:00
Punch clock meeting time: 16:03 – 19:55

In the example, a small wage saving occurs using the punch clock.

But it can also go the opposite way. The employee can also meet too early and be late. However, all registrated hours from the punch clock must be approved in Relion

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Oversigt over medarbejdernes afviklede timer

One last piece of advice.

You can give employees direct access to their own hours timesheets. This makes it more transparent for the employee to be able to see exactly how many hours and minutes they have worked. This also provides a reassurance throughout the working day. This can of course also be the case in Relion.

Say goodbye to manual work schedules and weekly schedule templates.

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