Shift swaps

Shift swaps is now made easy.

Relion brings together the essential features you need to replace your Excel scheduling with a simple solution for online scheduling that saves you a maximum of time.

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Shift swaps

With Relion, swapping shifts becomes easy and manageable.

Does your company lack an easy and manageable program for, among other things, shift swaps? Then you are in the same situation as thousands of other companies from very different industries.

In Relion’s online scheduling system, we have gathered the most essential features to keep track of the company’s employees and their shifts .

Because it has to be simple to be able to make shift swaps with your colleagues.

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Relion Pro.

Shift swaps is a part of Relion Pro. See our prices for a complete overview of our plans. We even have a completely free version.

Relion Pro will be especially relevant for companies where you as an admin would like to save time. Specifically, we have made shift swaps, between colleagues, easy and automatic. Therefore, you choose whether to spend time approving the swaps or not.

At the same time, your employees will no longer have to think about whether you have seen and approved the exchange. It provides a calm and security for all.

gave fordi pro er en gave
Vagtbytte mellem medarbejdere

5 good reasons to opt in shift swaps.

1. Meet employees’ amended plans with flexible features for shift swapping.

2. Allow your employees to swap shifts if they have the same role. You choose whether to automatically approve the exchanges or manually approve each shift swap.

3. Your employees can set shifts for sale and bid for shifts that are for sale. Shift swapping requires the employee’s role to match the role on the shift.

4. Get rid of text messages from employees asking if you want to update the schedule with their shift swaps.

5. When employees can help each other with shift swaps, the bond between them as colleagues is strengthened while the confidence that your workplace is flexible is confirmed.

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