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Simple but effective overview.

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Everything for yourshift plan, in one place.

Divide your staff into roles
Create shift plan templates
Gather employee availability
Auto-fill your shift plan
Comment on shifts
Sync with personal calendar
Handle shift swaps
Track working hours
Approve meeting times
Employee timesheets
Gather contact information
Expand with multiple departments

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For those who are tired of Excel.

Popular features:

Employee scheduling
Time tracking
Employee avalability


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For those who know how to work efficiently.

Popular features:

Punch clock
Shift swapping

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Say goodbye to shift planning in Excel.

Relion’s free shift plan helps successful companies save time and money. Do as our customers and take the step towards a 100% free alternative to shift planning in Excel.

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Create an overview for your staff.

Relion gives a great overview of the shift plan and brings together everything from availability to rotation. It is incredibly easy to use and serves as the perfect solution when it comes to your shift plan.

Sort hvid billede af Anna Frank der smiler

Anna Frank Employee @ Byens Bagel


Create your shift plan with just one click.

Before, I spent up to 18 hours a month assembling shift plans. With the help of Relion, I now use a maximum of 10 minutes while giving the employees the shifts they wish for.

Butikschef Torben Andersen fortæller om hans vagtplan fra relion

Torben Andersen Manager @ Letkøb

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Take care of your employees.

Relion makes a program for shift planning that is first and foremost simple, but also takes into account our employees and their plans, which just means that we spend minimal time making a perfect shift plan.

Simon fra vin & petanque

Simon Langli Manager @ Vin & Petanque

vagtplan skabelon med overblik over en uge

Plan several months in minutes.

Relion is one of the best things I’ve done for myself and my business. It’s easy to keep track of my employees and it’s also incredibly easy for me to make several months of work schedules in minutes. Relion removes the concern about shift planning and saves me precious time that I could not do without.

Billede af Mikael fra Byens Bagel

Mikael Steffensen Manager @ Byens Bagel

vagtplan skabelon med overblik over en uge
relion mobil app

Easily manage changes to your shift plan.

Relion is especially good for us as there is no two weeks that are the same. Relion makes it easy to put our sometimes very quirky shift plans down to the minute and continually adapt to change, where the mobile app is really great for this.

Casper Frederiksen fra Privatbar

Casper Frederiksen Manager @ Privatbar

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