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Online scheduling made easy.

All the same, just better. Relion is designed to make your work life simple, so forget about expensive and complex systems. The next generation scheduling software has arrived

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Love at first sight.

And second, third, fourth and fifth.

Everything we design is created with a clear vision to make your everyday life easier and more efficient. With our online schedule you get a user-friendly experience that actually looks good.

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Replace Excel sheets with an actual overview.

No one deserves to settle for the overview of an Excel template or a traditional scheduling system. With Relion, you finally get the overview that you have been looking for.

Make online scheduling easy.

We understand that you need a simple and yet powerful solution that your employees can access as well. With Relion, you can get started in just 2 minutes. No courses, no webinar, just intuitive software.

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Organize your staff.

With Relion, everyone has an overview of their shifts, roles and departments. And like that is not enough, you can synchronize both department, role and meeting times directly into your personal calendar.

Create flexible working conditions.

Relion is designed to take into account employees’ flexible working days. Shift requests and shift swaps are just some of the features that make Relion the employees’ favorite scheduling App.

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You need to make schedules over and over again. Make it easy for yourself.

Time is your most important resource and since that scheduling is a constant recurrent task, it is important that you do not let it steal all your time. When else were you going to develop your business?


Create scheduling templates.

Design templates to match your staffing needs from week to week. Templates are created on behalf of roles and meeting times and can always be adjusted to your specific needs.

saml vagtønsker

Gather employees’ availability.

Get rid of tons of text messages. Your employees indicates their personal availability through their Relion app.

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Auto-schedule with the click of a button.

Your employees’ availability are automatically matched and distributed between the available shifts in your template. You have full control all the way and can always edit the distribution before you publish the schedule.

Butikschef Torben Andersen fortæller om hans vagtplan fra relion

Torben Andersen


Before, I spent up to 18 hours a month scheduling. With the help of the automatic schedule I now use a maximum of 10 minutes while giving employees the working hours they want.

Designed for all the ways you want to work.

Whether you’re setting schedules with a fixed staff or based on employees’ individual preferences, Relion is made to work for you. We have built a versatile solution that can be precisely tuned to the ways you prefer to work.

Vagtbytte mellem medarbejdere

Shift swapping made easy.

Select whether you want to approve the shift exchange or whether to do so automatically.Notes for shifts.

noter til vagt og liste til tidsregistrering

Notes for shifts.

Keep your employees up to date on the latest news with notes on specific shifts.

offentliggør vagtplan, ønske vagter og tilgængelighed i samme kalender

Flexible scheduling templates.

Create templates with vacant shifts, occupied shift, or both.

Here’s how to get started.

We are ready to help your company – even after dawn. See here how to easily get started with Relion.

Launch rocket

1. Sign up for free

Just fill in our simple sign up form and you will be guided immediately through the different functions of the system.


2. Create you online schedule.

Set up your company’s unique structure. This is done by creating roles, departments and templates for the shift schedule.

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3. Invite your employees.

Easily invite your employees, assign them their roles and departments, and then paste them into your schedule template.

Online scheduling starts here.

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Time tracking made easy.

Learn more about our functions for time tracking.

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Carbon neutral software.

We compensate for all CO2 emissions from our product.

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