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Our mission

To make simple scheduling accessible to everyone.

Jimmy Sørensen, Kristian Emil Larsen & Rasmus Skovdal

Our mission

Making simple scheduling available to everyone.

Jimmy Sørensen, Kristian Emil Larsen og Rasmus Skovdal er folkene bag Relion vagtplanen

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The story of Relion.

  • 2017
    Kristian Emil Larsen, Søren Grum & Rasmus Skovdal
    The journey begins.
    When the founders, Kristian, Søren and Rasmus were young IT students, they also worked as part-time employees in some of the country's leading restaurants.

    Here, they saw how leaders were struggling to assemble the pieces of the puzzle, better known as the working schedule. At the same time, they were amazed by the amount of time the leaders spent solving these tasks and the lack of zest to carry out this type of work.

    Equipped with skills from their studies, a penchant for creating solutions and a burning desire to make a difference, the three boys chose to make it their goal to make scheduling as simple as clicking a button. Soon after, Relion was born.
  • 2018
    Letkøb og Relion
    From 18 hours to just 10 minutes.
    Relion works closely with selected businesses to ensure that the solution works in practice.

    In this process, it managed to move the average time of scheduling for 3 grocery stores, from 18 hours a month to just 10 minutes.
  • 2019
    Relion modtager Innofounder
    Support from Innovation Fund Denmark.
    After pitching in front of a panel of 24 experienced professionals, Relion receives DKK 645,000 in funding from the Innovation Fund through their InnoFounder Graduate scholarship.

    The grant is awarded only to companies with a particularly high level of innovation.
  • 2019
    Relion award
    Relion on the map of Denmark.
    Relion is widely disseminated in the Danish startup environment by being nominated for EY entrepreneur of the year in the startup category, reaching the final of the Entrepreneurship Prize 2019 and as the winner of the Orbit Lab award for Best Startup Potential.
  • 2019
    Rasmus Skovdal Relion
    The Innovation Fund strikes, again.
    Relion receives an InnoBooster grant from the Innovation Fund for a total value of DKK 880,000 for the development of an AI algorithm that can predict business revenue based on weather, revenue, calendar days and local events.
  • 2020
    Relion drikker champagne
    Go to market.
    Relion launches its first publicly available version of the schedule based on a free access with the option to upgrade to Relion Pro.
  • 2020
    Werner Storm Valuer - Relion
    Serial entrepreneur invests in Relion.
    Relion receives an investment from Werner Valeur who has great experience in building and scaling software companies.
  • 2020
    Relion kontor lokationer
    Second office opens in Copenhagen.
    To get even closer to customers and partners, Relion opens an additional office in the danish capital, Copenhagen.
  • 2020
    Jimmy Engebrect Sørensen
    You're joining Relion.
    We would love your company. Joins us on the mission of making simple employee scheduling accessible to all. Use our software for free and if you like it please recommend it to your friends.

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Plan your way to more time, fewer worries and happier employees.

+ 100.000 shifts

Planned and settled with Relion.

+ 600.000 hours

Registered and sent to payment through Relion.

+ 500 companies

Uses Relion for their scheduling .

+ 2 mio. raised

For the development of the next generation roster system.

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Our principles.

Our principles are what we stand for. These are the values we hold on to and that we make trade-offs and compromises to pursue.

Vagtplan app ikon
Less is more.

We would rather have a function too little than a function too much, as we are true to our mission to make scheduling simple.

Løn ikon

Relations over transactions.

By focusing on the relationship rather than the transaction, we help busy managers make a difference for their employees.

Medarbejder app

Accessible to everyone.

We make simple scheduling accessible to all and everyone by always offering access to our service for free.

Meet our team.

Rasmus Skovdal
Rasmus Skovdal

Co founder & CEO

Kristian Emil Larsen
Kristian Emil Larsen

Co founder & CMO

Jimmy Sørensen
Jimmy Engelbrecht Sørensen

Co founder & CFO

Palle Hauge Petersen
Palle Hauge Petersen


Thore Andersen Elbek
Thore Andersen Elbek


Meet our investors

Toke Kruse / Wener Storm Valuer
Werner Valeur
portræt af Joakim Warnøe
Joakim Warnøe

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